Sunday, February 21, 2010

At The Park

Landon is, for lack of a better word to describe one of my best friends sons, my nephew. He is 6 months of complete adorableness. Don't you agree?
Sometimes, no matter if you love your auntie more then anyone else in the world, you can only handle so much of the paparazzi. Message received, love.
So, I shot ducks instead.


  1. I love that first pic. Landon is the most adorable subject! He still sits still! If you need practice with action shots my kids are available any time! ;)

    Love the new watermark too!

    (Holly, not Mindy)

  2. OMG, Sarah, it kind of looks like he's laying in the snow and we just left him there to cry!

    He's on a white blanket, people! One a sunny spring day! promise!!